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[greenyes] Calling All Cell Phones
INFORM's latest report, Calling All Cell Phones:  Collection, Reuse, and
Recycling Programs in the US, has been released to the public today.  The
report can be found on INFORM's home page,
<>  (a full copy of the report is available at
<> ).  The follow-up to
INFORM's 2002 study Waste in the Wireless World: The Challenge of Cell
Phones, the new report addresses four key programs now under way in the US
to collect, refurbish, and recycle used cell phones. It describes the
methods these programs employ to recover used phones and assesses the
effectiveness of such programs as the primary approach for dealing with cell
phone waste in the US. Their revenues and expenses and the ultimate
destination of refurbished phones sold abroad are also examined. Finally,
the report includes recommendations for increasing collection rates and
improving the programs through greater participation and product designs
that encourage reuse and recycling.


Eric Most


120 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005

Tel: 212-361-2400, x224

Fax: 212-361-2412 <> 



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