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Re: [greenyes] Energy bill - Action Alert
GreenYes Colleagues,

                               Re:  Energy Bill - Action Alert

Take Action Today: If you oppose the subsidies in HR 6 that are at least 3 
times more than what President Bush proposed, then tell your senators today by 
calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for their office.

Also, urge them to oppose an end to the filibuster, because the public and 
members of Congress have a right-to-know more about what is really in the Energy 

Two unions came out in opposition to the energy bill yesterday.  Repeal of 
the Public Utility Holding Company Act (PUHCA), without adequate employment and 
consumer protection was a key issue.

The Teamsters Union also backed away from support of the bill, but did not 
take a position on final passage.

Next steps: Another vote to end the filibuster could come as soon as Sunday, 
if another cloture motion is offered.  Senator Frist immediately promised 
another vote by early next week (Sunday or Monday are most likely).  All they need 
to end the debate is to change two votes.

At least five Republican Senators opposed ending the filibuster (i.e., vote 
no on cloture), including:

Collins (Maine)
Gregg  (New Hampshire)
MCain  (Arizona)
Snowe  (Maine)
Sununu (New Hampshire)

Some of these senators had threatened to take other procedural steps to 
prevent final passage,such as a point of order that HR 6 violates the Budget 

Sen Reid (D-NV) suggested going back to committee or to the House-Senate 

And Senate Democratic Leader Daschle proposed simply cutting out the MTBE 
liability limitation, which he noted wasn't in either the Senate or House 
versions of the bill taken to conference.  Daschle voted for cloture and said he 
would vote for the bill.

Recycling advocates might actually get heard now by using some of the 
information posted by Doug Koplow to indicate how HR 6 would adversely affect 

Lance King
Community Solutions

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