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[greenyes] Fwd: [GAIA] Questions on Waste Prevention and ZW goals
If you can help, please respond to Veronica directly, and cc: me.



From: vodriozo@no.address (Veronica Odriozola)
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 15:51:03 -0500

...I took a look at different zero waste resolutions and some talk about zero waste diversion from landfills. While I see this as a positive step I can't see any reflection of the need to prevent waste in that commitment. You can continuously grow your per capita waste generation while diverting most of it to recycling programs for useless products.

Can anyone tell me how waste prevention is dealt with in quantitaive goals in other cities or regions that you know? ie, are there waste reduction laws besides waste diversion from landfill or incinerators?

Veronica Odriozola

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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