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RE: [greenyes] Market Acceptance of Green Buildings
I would agree that the kids seeing no difference is a success. Very few kids
their age pay attention to utility bills and other "green" advantages. 
Cathi Lyman-Onkka
Saint Paul - Ramsey County Department of Public Health
Environmental Health Section
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(excerpt from article posted by Peter Anderson, below)
But Michael, 15, shrugged. Was there really a difference between this
building and nongreen buildings? "No, not really," he said. His younger
sister, Caroline, 11, chimed in. "I don't really see a difference, 
she said.

Rather than viewing these as negative comments, I read these comments as 
tremendously encouraging.  While the parents understand the value of 
energy efficiency and other green features in their building, the kids 
aren't the ones paying the electric bills.  It's no surprise that the kids 
wouldn't really care about the green features.  But these comments show 
that the green features of the building also do not interfere with 
creating a desirable living space.  If a green home is equally as 
comfortable and beautiful as a conventional home, then a whole slew of 
issues about green building become moot.  Cast your thoughts back to the 
extremely energy efficient Sun Frost refrigerators.  They used way less 
electricity, but they had a tiny capacity.  Only the most dedicated 
environmentalists would change their way of using a fridge to accommodate 

Of course, issues of educating potential consumers about the economics 
(long-term vs. short-term) of green buildings remain to be addressed.  But 
this article indicates that this green building is at least on a par with 
conventional buildings as far as when most people look for in housing.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

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