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[greenyes] Variable Tipping Fees
Does anyone know of anyplace in North America or elsewhere that uses
variable tip fees for non-residential waste as a stand alone policy to
motivate increased recycling of paper and cardboard from non-residential
waste generators?  I use the words "stand alone" because I want to exclude
communities that use variable tip fees as a method to enforce and promote
disposal bans and/or mandatory recycling ordinances/statutes.  The
communities I am looking for do not have disposal bans or recycling mandates
and rely on variable tip fees as to motivate diversion of paper and
cardboard discarded by non-residential generators.  Those generators that
choose to pay the higher tip fees can dispose of paper and cardboard in
their refuse.

Jeffrey Morris, Ph.D.
Sound Resource Management - Durham
3206A Myra Street
Durham, NC 27707

WA: 360-319-2391
NC: 919-403-1406

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