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[greenyes] School Mercury Reduction Training Workshop
On Monday, November 17th, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, there
is a free web-based workshop on the reduction of mercury in products in
schools. Pre-registration is requested, and for those who can't attend
during the broadcast, the workshop will be saved on the web page for later

Pre-registration for "Enhancing Pollution Prevention in Schooland Laboratory
Facilities:Lessons Learned From Mercury Reduction  Programs" workshop is at website, under "Upcoming Events".

The agenda is listed below.

John Reindl


Monday, November 17, 2003
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST


Meeting Objectives:

§	Enhance Pollution Prevention in School and Laboratory Facilities
§	Educate the participants in Mercury Reduction Techniques
§	Educate the participants in Sustainable Science Teaching Techniques

1:00 		Opening Remarks
		Debora Wilson,Chief, Division of Health and Safety,NIH
(invited) and Samantha Fairchild, Director, Office 		of
Enforcement, Compliance and Environmental Justice, Region 3 EPA

1:10 		Mercury in Schools
		Steve Brachman
		University of Wisconsin Extension.

1:50		Sustainable Science
		Bill Nelson
		University of Illinois

		Lessons Learned from Maryland's Mercury Reduction Programs

2:30		Legislation to Eliminate Mercury-Containing Products 
		Delegate James W. Hubbard (invited)
		Maryland House of Delegates
2:45		Mercury in Maryland Schools: Developing a Statewide
Inventory and Removal Program
		Barbara Bice
		Maryland State Department of Education

		Regulatory Issues
		Ed Hammerberg
		Maryland Department of Environment

		Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Mercury and
Mercury Devices from Maryland Schools
		Bill Chicca
		Maryland Environmental Services

		The Campaign for a Mercury Free NIH: Outreach Activities of
the Mad Hatter
		Ed Rau 
		Division of Environmental Protection, ORF, NIH

		Resources for Teachers
		Dave Vanier 
		Office of Science Education, NIH

3:30		Q & A 
		Panel and Audience

4:00		Adjourn

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