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Re: [greenyes] Public Space Recycling
Hi Resa,
The Southeast Wisconsin Waste Reduction Coalition has done quite a bit of work 
over the past 5 years to develop tools for successful festival/special event 
recycling and waste reduction. The group recently worked with the 
Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary celebration in Milwaukee.  We are in the 
process of documenting the successes and lessons learned during this event (in 
the broader sense and as case studies for the individual smaller events) and 
hope to develop a tool-kit that others can utilize in their efforts around the 
country.  This would include information about public education, vendor 
contract/training, grounds crew training, successful bin usage/placement, etc.  
For information about events the group has assisted in the past please visit  Also, the Winnegeg Folk Festival also has 
successfully implemented recycling and waste reduction programs at their annual 
event (  Let me know if you have any questions, 


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Hi All -

I'm working on a zero waste plan for New York City.  One thing we need
address is public space recycling.  I'm wondering if you folks would
have some 
suggestions of good models for urban public space recycling.  Contact 
information or resources would be helpful.  Thanks-
Resa Dimino

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Toral Jha
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