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[greenyes] White House and Climate change
UNDERCUTTING Environmental Laws, Bush Administration tries to Undermine
Government Research
The Bush White House seems to have teamed up with a conservative think tank,
the Competitive Enterprise Institute, to undermine the credibility of
government scientists doing research on climate change. Myron Ebell, a
director of CEI, which has received more than $1 million in funding from
ExxonMobil since 1998, last summer sent an email to an official at the
president's Council on Environmental Quality that indicates the White House
sought his group's assistance in playing down an EPA report that said humans
are contributing to the warming of the planet. "Thanks for calling and
asking for our help," Ebell wrote, then went on to suggest ways to cast
doubt on the report. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is
crying foul: "This email indicates a secret initiative by the administration
to invite and orchestrate a lawsuit against itself seeking to discredit an
official U.S. government report on global warming dangers." Other recently
uncovered internal government documents point to further White House efforts
to suppress research into climate change.
London Observer, Paul Harris, Sept. 21, 2003
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