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[greenyes] Pyrolysis vs Zero Waste in Collier County Florida.
Sorry for cross posting.

The Brightstar pyrolysis incinerator (incinerolysis?) project proposed for 
Collier County Florida has been removed from consideration as a solid waste 
management option for the County. Citing Brightstar’s inability to maintain a 
viable proposal in accordance with the requirements of the County’s “Request For 
Proposals” the Commissioners, last Tuesday, voted to authorize staff to notify 
brightstar that the County does not wish to proceed further with 
negotiations. Brightstar, originally rated the number two pyrolysis proposer, moved to the 
number one spot after an IWT (interstate waste technologies) Thermoselect 
pyrolysis proposal was determined to be too expensive. I believe it was EDL’s  
(Brightstar’s parent company and main financial resource) withdrawal from their 
Wollongong experimental facility that led to the termination of consideration. 
Both proposals had a pyrolysis and a gas after-burn for energy component. 
Preaching to the choir
Both proposals relied on recyclables, compostables and stuff we shouldn’t 
even make, to operate. Both required thirty-year commitments of trash and money 
and both would have spread POP’s and heavy metals into people and the 
environment (Everglades and the Gulf of Mexico). 
The Brightstar, IWT pyrolysis proposals and a number of direct flame 
incinerator proposals previously offered were opposed by a group of citizens comprised 
of local residents who along with the help of Paul Connett exposed the flaws 
of a 1984 Westinghouse / Shamut incinerator proposal leading to its’ demise. 
Dr. Connett was helpful again with this effort assisting the current community 
that this time, with a smaller membership, organized under the banner of The 
Zero Waste Collier County Group. Thanks to the GRRN and GAIA as organizations 
and to all of their helpful members, we here have been able to develop a strong 
positive position for the implementation of maximum diversion programs 
working toward the broader effort that can bring us to Zero Waste o.d.c. 
Our efforts to make the process of solid waste, discarded resource management 
program development “transparent”, more open to the public, more inclusive 
of public involvement has put us at odds with some of the most influential 
elements in our economic, social, political milieu. The big special interests here 
are; Waste Management, operator of the county owned landfill and holder of 
the present collection contract until ’06.The Local Chamber of Commerce, 
politically influential and heavily influenced by Waste Management, Malcolm Piernie, 
consultant to the County on solid waste and the recipient of over a million 
dollars in contracts since December 2000. Our Local Malcolm Piernie 
representatives have been advocating Pyrolysis and have spoken at SWANA conferences 
promoting pyrolysis in general as well as for Collier County. The Naples Daily News; 
producers of the recent expose on the demise of the Gulf of Mexico yet almost 
silent on the incinerator pyrolysis issue. They didn’t cover our two-day Zero 
Waste Workshop-Design Charrette. The Conservancy of Naples; institutionalized 
environmentalism of a unique type.  The Collier County Commissioners, 
dependent on all the above for their political survival. 
Now with pyrolysis flat on its face The Zero Waste Collier County Group will 
continue   to advocate for the issuance of a “Request for Proposals” inviting 
parties familiar with programs, techniques and working models of discard 
materials management systems that could be applied to the Collier County discard 
management system to develop a program from the Zero Waste perspective. It 
would be best if those responding have experience with efforts already made to 
develop Zero Waste programs in other communities. Proposers would need to be free 
from the encumbrance of being associated with any previous consultants to the 
County on solid waste, discard materials management projects so as to assure 
a fresh analysis of the Collier County situation from a new perspective and 
different minds. 
Bob Krasowski
The Zero Waste Collier County Group
Collier County, Florida, USA 34103

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