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[greenyes] Fwd: Most CA Landfills Not Fully Lined

Source: Update from Mike Paparian, CWIMB - November 2003

Landfill Compliance Study Progressing; Most Landfills Not Fully Lined

Portions of a large study on landfill regulation in California will be presented to the Waste Board over the coming months. The first presentation was made at the October Board meeting and included the following findings:

· Of the 224 open and closed landfills investigated in California, only 16 were fully lined and of those, only 4 meet current standards for lining landfills. Of the remaining 208 landfills, 70 are partially unlined and 138 are fully unlined.

· The typical landfill in the state is rural, publicly owned and takes in about 385 tons of waste per day.

· There is about 1.2 billion cubic yards of disposal capacity left in the state, or about 35 cubic yards for every person.

Over the coming months more components of the study will be presented. For an overview of the study, along with the material presented at our October 15-16 Board Meeting, click on the item here <>October Agenda Item 4. Note that the presentations are fairly large documents. This month, a report on new, emerging and advanced technologies, as well as new approaches that could possibly improve the operation of California's landfills will be presented and discussed at the Board Meeting, <http://boardnet/BAWDS/agenda.asp?RecID=530&Year=2003&Comm=BRD&Month=11>November Agenda Item 7.

Landfill Post-Closure and Financial Assurances Workshop

November 3, 10:00 a.m. in the Sierra Hearing Room <http://boardnet/BAWDS/agenda.asp?RecID=868&Year=2003&Comm=WKS&Month=11>Workshop Agenda

Are post-closure maintenance (PCM) activities at solid waste landfills required for more than 30 years after the closure of a landfill? And if so, then for what period of time are operators required to provide the financial assurance demonstration for these maintenance activities, and at what point may an operator draw on the financial mechanism to cover already-incurred PCM expenses? The answers to these questions have long-term implications for future generations and immediate ones for landfill owners/operators responsible for providing financial assurances.

This workshop will discuss the length of the PCM period for solid waste landfills, and how funds are made available for PCM during that period.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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