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CIWMB To Hear Conversion Technology Regulations

CIWMB staff will be presenting an agenda item to discuss and request approval for formally noticing the proposed regulations for conversion technology operations and facilities. The item will be heard at the CIWMB's Permitting and Enforcement Committee on November 3, 2003 and at the full Board meeting on November 18-19, 2003. Any questions regarding the agenda item or proposed regulations can be addressed to Brian Larimore at (916) 341-6579 or blarimor@no.address

Santa Barbara County Issues Alternatives to Disposal Final Report

Santa Barbara County has been researching conversion technologies as an alternative to landfilling and issued a Request For Information. The Alternative to Disposal subgroup of the County's Multi-jurisdictional Solid Waste Task Group has issued a final report which describes the work of the Subgroup. The purpose of the Subgroup was to identify and evaluate the feasibility of conversion technologies in Santa Barbara County. The Subgroup has concluded that there are seven solid waste conversion technologies that are best suited and capable of providing feasible alternatives to landfilling in Santa Barbara County. For a copy of the full report, including the short-listed companies, click on the following link:

<> or you can contact Mr. John McInnes by calling (805) 568-3552 or emailing him at jmcinne@no.address

Renewable Energy Conference in Minneapolis - November 17-19, 2003

Biocycle Magazine presents its 3rd Annual Conference on Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling. The conference will held from November 17-19, 2003 at the Millenium Hotel in Minneapolis, MN. Interesting topics include municipal solid waste as feedstock for biogas recovery; new government mandates support renewable energy; hydrogen from pyrolysis of biomass; hydrogen from gasification of biomass; hydrogen from fermenting organic wastes. Click on the following link for more conference information:


Lifecycle and Market Impact Analysis Work

Research Triangle Institute, the CIWMB's contractor for lifecycle/market impact analyses of conversion technologies, will be finalizing the methodologies to be used for the lifecycle and market impact analyses. Some modifications are being made in response to comments received interested parties who attended an August 11, 2003 workshop where the methodologies were discussed. In addition, comments were received by peer reviewers and other interested parties who were unable to attend the workshop. Upon receipt, the finalized methodologies will be posted on the CIWMB's Conversion Technology web page. Any questions regarding the lifecycle analyses project can be directed to Fernando Berton at (916) 341-6590 or via email at fberton@no.address

The Conversion Technologies Listserver is managed by the California Integrated Waste Management Board, and provides information about conversion technologies, locations of facilities, applicable conferences or meetings, useful links, and other relevant information. Please direct any questions to sfine@no.address

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