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[greenyes] U.S. EPA Seeks Comments on Resource Conservation Challenge by 11/28/03

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking feedback
on the Resource Conservation Challenge initiative launched by
Acting EPA Administrator Marianne Lamont Horinko to put the
"resource conservation" back into the Resource Conservation and
Recovery Act by challenging all Americans to get involved in
reducing waste through innovative voluntary programs.
See <>.

Please share this with your colleagues.  Brief suggestions on possible
voluntary projects or partnerships that meet RCC goals and could
grow with national attention are welcome, as are general comments
on the RCC.

While the RCC focuses on voluntary partnerships, EPA remains
firmly committed to active enforcement and compliance assistance

The RCC has three broad goals that are linked directly to
EPA’s mission and cut across traditional programs:

1.  Conserve energy by using better materials and design,
and recover energy from things now viewed as waste.

2  Increase materials and resource efficiency through source
reduction, re-use, and recycling of hazardous and municipal
solid wastes (Increase recycling rate to 35%), among other
waste streams.

3.  Reduce target chemicals at all stages in the life cycle,
including products, waste (municipal, industrial, and hazardous),
and emissions.  (There are currently 30 chemicals targeted for
reduction listed at <>).

The RCC proposed eleven initial “Clusters” to increase
coordination between offices and partners, highlight RCC
successes in the near-term, and build momentum for additional
partnerships:  Electronics, Tires, Green Building,  Construction
and Demolition Debris, Targeted Chemicals, Schools, Paper,
Industrial Waste, Hospitals, Industrial Design, and Organics/Composting.

Current Innovations Pilot funding solicitation (deadline December 5.
 is available at <>.

Comments including your address and phone number
should be submitted by November 28, 2003 to:


Please copy doordan.kelly@no.address in EPA Region 9
on comments from Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada,
or the Pacific Islands.

Thank you for your work to reduce waste and for
sharing your suggestions with us!

Kelly Doordan
U.S. EPA Region 9
Office of Pollution Prevention and Solid Waste
75 Hawthorne St. (WST-7)
San Francisco, CA 94105

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