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[greenyes] Continuing the story...what does a ZW Plan look like?
Hi all,

This "ZW or darn near" piece came across my desk recently... some
interesting points, such as:

"... it's simple. We just have to recycle everything possible and set out
organic material for collection and composting. The balance (only 13 per
cent by weight), made up of a TV or a couch or some old bricks, needs to be
dropped off at conveniently located depots. After that we'd be left with
about 5 per cent true "residual waste."
Residuals: Once we've taken these steps -- gotten recycling up, organics in
and the last six out -- we can hand Toronto residents two small pails. One
marked "burn" and the other marked "bury." Each person could decide. Anyone
producing more waste than could fit in the pails could be subject to a
pay-as-you-throw provision. I suggest about $1,000 per bag."      Rod Muir
is the founder of Waste Diversion Toronto.

To read the full Op-Ed piece by Rod, go to

Eric Lombardi

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