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[greenyes] Conservatree Web-List Showcases Environmental Holiday Cards and Other Paper Products
Consumers don't need to put aside their environmental concerns for the
holidays. Instead, they can celebrate with holiday cards on environmental
papers from a wide variety of sources that include Hallmark, the U.S. Golf
Association, Ducks Unlimited, the American Kennel Club, and the Motorcycle
Hall of Fame Museum, as well as the Sierra Club, Audubon, World Wildlife
Fund and UNICEF, according to a new list of environmental paper products
published on Conservatree's website, .

"It's important for people to know which products support environmentally
sound papermaking," says Gerard Gleason, associate director. "More than 90%
of printing and office papers have no recycled content whatsoever, so people
need this information." Other paper products listed include gift wrap,
wedding invitations, calendars, all-occasion cards, stationery and
notecards, school and office supplies, and packaging products.

Environmental contents range up to 100% postconsumer recycled fibers, as
well as some with tree free fibers and chlorine free bleaching.

Conservatree is a nonprofit environmental paper advocacy organization that
provides tools, strategies, research and networking to promote
environmentally sustainable paper manufacturing.  Its website,, is well known for its listing of hundreds of
brands of environmentally sound printing and writing papers and newsprint.
This is the first time the paper listing information has expanded to profile
actual products that are made from recycled and other environmental papers.

Susan Kinsella
Executive Director
100 Second Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone - 415/721-4230
Fax - 509/756-6987
E-mail - paper@no.address
Websites -,

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