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[greenyes] Management of Solid Wastes in Megacities: Nickolas J. Themelis
PLEASE JOIN US WEDNESDAY October 8, 2003 (New York City)

Columbia University Seminar Series #495b:
Legal, Social, and Economic Environmental Issues

Management of Solid Wastes in Megacities: A major environmental problem of
the 21st Century
by Nickolas J. Themelis
Director, Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University
Stanley-Thompson Professor, Earth and Environmental Engineering

Prof. Themelis and other researchers at Schools of Engineering and Public
Affairs of Columbia University have studied the means for managing municipal
and other solid wastes and have published widely on this subject. It is a
major problem that is faced not only by the rapidly growing cities of the
developing world but also by New York City that for several years has
transporting most of its municipal solid wastes to other states for
disposal. The speaker will examine the global as well as the national state
of solid wastes management. (

WHEN: Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
WHERE: Warren Hall, Room 207, approx. 7:30-9pm
(115th Street and Amsterdam Avenue)
But, first please join us for dinner at the Faculty House
We will meet at 6:15 at the first floor lounge.

Please RSVP to Gary Roth, ghr2101@no.address
A dinner ticket for $16 can be purchased ($12 for students), the night of,
at the Faculty House.

Check out the seminar Web site for directions and more information,


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