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[greenyes] Recycling Contracts for City Business Facilities
The City of Seattle provides recycling services for its in-house facilities in over 200 locations.  All this is managed under one contract.  There is some sub-contracting due to the variety of business conducted and diverse needs and systems.  (Most buildings are City-owned, but not all, and a number have contracted property management firms.)   

Does anyone working in a similar situation have access to either a Request for Proposals or contract document that I might use as a comparison.  Our current contract is pretty basic - which is good - but another example may have wording that would be helpful to include.

Jetta Antonakos
Seattle Public Utilities
Phone: (206) 615-0712
Fax:      (206) 386-0096

 Mailing address:
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4900
Seattle, WA  98104-5004

Office Location:  
710 2nd Ave, Room 505
Seattle, WA  


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