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[greenyes] Cooperative Marketing
Hello All -

I was asked to clarify my previous message:

The document I am referring to is the "Rural Recycling Strategies
Cooperative Marketing Tool Kit" and it was prepared byt the Southeast
Minnesota Recycling Exchange, the Nebraska State Recycling Association, and
the Mid-Continent Recycling Association.

Here's what the intro says:

    This document seeks to educate the reader about the meaning and nature
of Cooperative Marketing. It will also present an array of tools for
recyclers to use in creatingefficient, sustainable recycling programs at
local and regional levels. It is itself a product of cooperation among a
diverse assembly of public and private sector partners whose range of
expertise spans practical, hands on recycling, theoretical research and
governmental service. This Tool Kit is being produced through the joint
effort of the Management team consisting of representatives from the States
of Kentucky, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, and
Montana. It is hoped that this combination of experience and resources will
successfully identify and communicate the most beneficial types of tools
that existing programs have tested and found useful.

A telephone survey has been conducted to identify as many active,
functioning cooperative programs as possible throughout the United States. A
copy of the survey instrument and a list of these programs, along with
personal contacts, phone numbers and addresses, can be found in Appendix D
of the Tool Kit.

Discussions and samples of organizational structures, contracts,
specifications and specialty program descriptions are also included in the
manual, where space permits. Additional samples are also included in the
Appendices. Complete sets of sample tools can be accessed by telephone
request to either the NSRA office (402) 444-4188 or the SEMEREX office (507)


In any event, let me know if you have any information regarding such
cooperatives. We would like to list them in the new revised document.


Christine McCoy
Director, Environmental Programs
Rural Community Assistance Program
1522 K Street, NW #400
Washington, DC  20005
Phone: 202/408-1273 ext. 104
Fax: 202/408-8165
Email: cmccoy@no.address

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