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[greenyes] Bush Appointee to EPA Air & Radiation Office Resigns to Take Utility Position
WASTE NEWS - 9/5/03

John Pemberton, EPA air official, resigns to take job with Southern Co.

WASHINGTON (Sept. 4) -- One week after the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency announced a major reform of the Clean Air Act that benefits industry,
a high-level EPA air official is resigning to take a job with Southern Co.,
one of the nation´s largest electric utilities.
John Pemberton, chief of staff for the EPA´s assistant administrator for air
and radiation, will join Southern Co. as a senior executive dealing
primarily with Senate affairs, according to a company spokeswoman.

The Natural Resources Defense Council criticized Pemberton´s departure in
the wake of what the environmentalist group refers to as the "gutting" of
the Clean Air Act´s New Source Review provisions. The changes make it easier
for utilities and industries to improve operational efficiency without the
expense of installing the latest air pollution control technology.

Pemberton could not be reached for comment, but a Southern Co. spokeswoman
denied that the company´s hiring of the EPA official had any connection with
the agency´s actions. Pemberton had done little work on the New Source
Review revisions and immediately recused himself from any issues potentially
involving Southern Co. once he began discussing employment opportunities
with the company.

The EPA also said the departure does not pose a conflict of interest.

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