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[greenyes] NRC Baltimore- next week

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Hello all,
I am a new member to this list serv and so far, it has been full of valuable information. I would like to pass on some valuable information that you might all find as ironic as I. 
 As a new resident of the Baltimore area, and having worked for two Baltimore City agencies, I find it utterly disappointing, to say the least, that Balitmore City Government does not recycle- period.  No plastics, no cans, no paper, non cardboard- nothing. I don't think anyone realizes how much paper is wasted. I can't imagine how much gets thrown out daily!!! This brings me back to my original thought- It is ironic how the National Recycling Convention will be held in Baltimore. 
If anyone has any ideas on what some first steps I can take (besides taking my office trash home with me) to help Baltimore City begin to recycle, I would be very appreciative!


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