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Re: [greenyes] Info. Request, Blueprint recycling
Our paper vendor here has told us that it's actually the blue color in the paper that creates a problem for recycling.  It ends of turning the whole load of paper being processed blue.

The vendor is Manistique Paper, Inc. in Manistique, # 906/341-4221 or 

Lori Miller
City of Lansing
Waste Reduction Services
601 E. South St.
Lansing, MI  48910
Fax: 517/377-0176

>>> <Minimushomines@no.address> 09/10/03 12:27PM >>>

    Can anyone direct me to information on the recycling of blueprints? There 
are a number of architectural blueprint users in my community that are 
interested in knowing what their options are for recycling this material but they 
think the materials that makeup the blueprints contain toxics. Thanks in advance 
for any info.
Bob Krasowski

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