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[greenyes] Addition to Michael Jessen's list
I would like to add another example to Michael Jessens's list

Since 1990 the largest grocery retailer in British Columbia, the Overwaitea Food Group, has been developing and implementing programs that substantially reduce their impact on the Environment. Some of the highlights are

- back of store recovery programs that allow the store to recovery and or divert up to 90% of the solid waste they produce ( dependent upon the existence of compost facilities)
- the only retailer in British Columbia and I believe North America, that supports and encourages the intent and requirements of Deposit legislation
-spent millions of dollars in creating and implementing programs that allow consumers the convenience of returning their used beverage containers to the place they purchased them, while substantially raising the standards associated with the issue of container management\return to retail
- the only retailer in BC, Canada, North America, the world?? that willingly takes full life cycle responsibility for the private label packaging they manufacture and sell
- successfully promoted this full life cycle packaging responsibility to other major Brand Owners, including Natures Path, Unilever and Kimberly Clark. Inclusion of these Brand Owners allows for the possibility of up to 70% of all packaging sold in a SOF to be returned to the place it was purchased.
-Voluntary Milk Jug return program that realizes 100% recovery of all milk jugs sold in SOF\Changes stores. Milk Jugs are not presently on the deposit system
- Educational centres in all the Changes locations that help educate consumers on environmental issues

Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to supply further information and contact numbers

Dennis Kinsey
Common Ground Solutions LTD
cell # 604-970-4407
fax # 604-462-8663
web -
e-mail kinsey1@no.address

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