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[GreenYes] Re: Plastics 1-7 Re: [greenyes] Commercial Recycling and Local Government
I agree with Karen about the message we send when collected materials are 
not actually recycled.  In Long Beach, there is already a strong 
perception that the materials we collect are not recycled, a perception 
strengthened by the fact that we have single-stream collection, and use 
packer trucks to pick up recycling.  Our program has, however, recently 
been augmented to accept ALL beverage containers.  I don't know if that 
meets your criteria, Bette, for #1 - 7, but that's what we are doing now.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

09/22/2003 04:51 AM

        To:     Bette Danse <bettdanse@no.address>
        cc:     greenyes@no.address, Sharon_Gates@no.address
        Subject:        Re: Plastics 1-7  Re: [greenyes] Commercial Recycling and Local Government

But what kind of message are we sending to citizens if 3-7 bottles are 
being thrown in the landfill. Already citizens have a distrust of 
programs. At least once a month I hear from someone who says, why recycle?
It is just getting thrown away.

Yes, you may be able to recover more plastic bottles by collecting 1-7, 
at what cost to the integrity of the program?

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Karen Hales
Recycling/Solid Waste Specialist

919-462-3873 voice
919-469-4304 fax

                      Bette Danse   
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Sharon_Gates@no.address, Karen.Hales@no.address  
                      com>                     cc:       greenyes@no.address 
                                               Subject:  Plastics 1-7  Re: 
[greenyes] Commercial Recycling and Local Government 
                      09/21/2003 10:04   

You have a really good program (Embedded image moved to file: 

Why only plastic bottles 1-4, though?

Absolutely no reason why every place can't pick up all plastic bottles 
The committee I started up here just got that approved.

Waste Management said they have been collecting all plastic bottles for
awhile now countrywide with no problem, and although 3-7's are not that
profitable, what they are getting by collecting 1-7's is more of the 1's
and 2's that people are throwing out, not realizing they are 1's and
2's...some of the numbers are so small, many folks can't read them.  By
collecting all plastic bottles, we eliminate folks having to check at
all.... YAY!!

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