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[greenyes] FW: Recycling Advocate for September 29, 2003

September 29, 2003 - Volume 8, Number 20. ONLINE:

INSIDE:  Governor Gray Davis signs SB 20 into law! - Letters to GOvernor are
needed on Bottle Bill Refund Increase

Governor Davis signs SB 20 into law

SB 20 was signed into law by Governor Gray Davis on September 25, 2003
thanks to the support and hard work of everyone who worked on this critical
issue facing California.

The key feature of the bill is the provision that requires the state waste
board to establish an e-waste recycling fee sufficient to fund the
collection, consolidation, and recycling of e-waste. Fee levels would be set
based on the actual cost of recycling. Initial fees starting July 1, 2004
would be $6 to $10 per device.

E-waste was one of the top five issues for the California environmental
community this session, and we put together a fantastic legislative campaign
and a professional media strategy that resulted in great press, TV and radio
across the state though out the campaign. Congratulations!

Click for more information on: SB 20 and E-waste, or recent news articles.

Letters to Governor Needed on Bottle Bill Refund Increase

Letters in support of AB 28 (Jackson and Sher), need to be faxed to the
Governor's office ASAP!

Assembly Bill 28 contains the refund value increase and recycler funding
provisions that were previously contained in Senator Sher's SB 23.

While the Governor has until the end of next week to sign the bill, we are
urging folks to get their letters in early this week.

Bill information and Sample letters

Jessica Fiedor

Californians Against Waste

926 J Street, Suite 606

Sacramento, CA  95814

(916) 443-5422

(916) 443-3912 fax

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