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Re: [greenyes] OMB Study on Benefits of EPA Air Rules
Greenyes colleagues.

Read the Washington Post story, which is much better and had more depth.  
Some papers used longer versions of Cushman's story (i.e., Baltimore Sun), but 
the NYT just ran a short piece.

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In a message dated 9/29/03 11:03:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
anderson@no.address writes:
> NEW YORK TIMES - 9/28/03
> Review of Environment Rules Finds Benefits Outweigh Costs
> WASHINGTON, Sept. 27 - The White House office in charge of reviewing federal
> regulations has reported that the benefits of some major environmental rules
> appear to exceed the costs by several times and that the net benefits may be
> even larger than previously acknowledged.
> In its annual review of the costs and benefits of regulations, the Office of
> Management and Budget examined a sampling of major rules and found that the
> total benefits, to the extent they can be measured, were at least triple the
> costs.
> In this report, which was described on Saturday in The Washington Post, the
> Environmental Protection Agency was found to have produced significantly
> greater net benefits than last year's report acknowledged. But the change
> was mainly due to accounting technicalities.
> In one change, the budget office expanded its review by looking back 10
> years. This meant the latest report included the effects of the successful
> efforts of the 1990's to rein in the pollution that causes acid rain.
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