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[greenyes] NRC Report
NRC Report
Recycle Scene
October 2003
Richard Anthony

The 22nd National Recycling Congress was held in Baltimore.  There was a good 
turnout (900 of the usual suspects) and a good program.  

Kate Krebs and the NRC Board and Staff have found their pace. At Kate's 
direction the NRC has become more relevant to the needs of recycling professionals 
in this country.

The reception was fun and I spent hours discussing whether waste was a verb 
or a noun.

Monday's opening session was on corporate responsibility (Stewardship) and 
showcased companies like; Nike who has a program requesting people mail them 
shoes (good idea); Time Warner who has good anti toxic policies but admitted that 
they don't use recycled paper for the magazine (sounds like a letter to the 
editor campaign); and Dell who acknowledged that they have been made aware of 
recycling in the last 18 months and are doing some things about it (Take Back 

The Speakers on the Zero Waste Panel that afternoon agreed that waste was a 
verb and not a noun.

Tuesday's plenary reviewed how well we are doing communicating with our 
clients.  Our public needs are: convenience; availability; to know where the 
material is going; and some kind of thank you for participating.  Interestingly, the 
trends show that there is an upward trend where women agree that global 
warming is real and to the same degree downward, men are in denial.

During Wednesday's recycling leaders forum, the representative of the paper 
industry stated that glass in paper (single stream) was not an issue in states 
with container deposits.

The NRC needs to revamp their bi-laws to allow for proportional re
presentation to the Board of Directors to reflect the membership of State Recycling 

Next year, the Congress will be held in San Francisco.

San Diego CA 92109

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