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[greenyes] What a shame this has to happen anywhere
This is a shame for this to happen , with all the recycling all over the world and someone is looking for someone to dump on a poor country and email something like this to people.Keith McDonald

From: "londoncapital trust" <londoncapitaltrust@no.address>
To: weedeat@no.address
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 06:20:32 -0500

E-MAIL: londoncapitaltrust@no.address
FASCMILE: 44 709-2306104.

Attention: Mr Keith McDonald,


Mr name is Sir Graham Woodberry, and I am a retired British Diplomat, and served in the U.K diplomatic mission in Sierra Leone (Africa).

At present, the Siera Leone which a small country of approximately million inhabitants, but with a very large land mass, has just ended a war.

The devastitated economy of the country after the war has left the people and government without any funds to carry out projects and feed the citizens.

Having served in that country before, we established the "London Capital Trust" to raise corporate capital and funds for the re-building of the country.

At this moment, in London I have as my guest, the Sierra Leone, Minister of the Interior, and we have been holding discussion on sourcing for funds.

Through some contacts in ireland, we leant that you can broker the issue of waste disposal.

I discussed with the visiting Minister, and he agreed that he can use official channels to recive into Sierra Leone, a quantity of Baled MSW (No Haz Waste) not exceeding 50,000 tonnes.

In terms of disposal there in Sierra Leone, the Minister said his ministry can be used since they have the necessary Garbage Trucks with wheeled drive necessary for the terrain.

As you know African government officials have a custom and African tradition of appeasement as a mark of respect.

So if you want to get into this business while he is still here, it will be important for you to reply quickly.

Also as a sign of respect, you can give the Minister some inducement token as a shopping gift, in London here. This will make things move fast and smooth. That is the way they do things there.

Contact me immediately, and let me know your answer to the issue of inducement of the minister. Without it, he might decide to opt out, since they have other offers from switzerland.


Sir Graham (OBE)
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