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From: Johnnie Carlson [mailto:jcarlson@no.address]
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2003 3:40 PM
To: pfranklin@no.address
Subject: RE: SB 23

Assembly Committee Votes on Beverage Container Refund Value Increase -
passes 8-4 with CRV Increase!

Senate Bill 23 by Senator Byron Sher which was re-scheduled for hearing in
the Assembly Natural Resources Committee on August 28 passed with an author?
s amendment to increase the refund value.

Senate Bill 23 was amended (8/23/2003) to increase the refund value on
beverage containers to 4 cents (8 cents on larger containers), with an
automatic step up to 5 cents (and 10 cents for larger containers), if
recycling rates fail to reach 80 percent recycling.

SB 23 previously contained a provision that would have doubled the refund
value on beverage containers from 2.5 cents per container to 5 cents (10
cents on containers 24 ounces and larger).  This provision was amended out
of the bill in the Senate Appropriations Committee in June.

The Assembly Natural Resources Committee Analysis suggested reinstating the
language to increase the refund value.

The current language in the bill as well implements a settlement agreement
regarding processing payments resulting from a lawsuit that CAW won against
the Department of Conservation.

SB 23 now moves to the Assembly appropriation Committee and a hearing is
expected in the next week.

ACTION ALERT:  FAX a letter to the Assembly Appropriations Committee and
tell them to support SB 23 to double the refund value and increasing
recycling.  Read More.

The committee analysis comes right after the DOC announced that the beverage
industry must pay $29 million in retroactive processing fees.  Read more.

"Strong Support" Letters are needed before the Assembly Appropriation
Committee.  Please FAX letters by as soon as possible - the bill will be
heard with-in a week:

          Assembly Member Darrell Steinberg, Chair

          Assembly Natural Resources Committee

          California State Capitol

          Sacramento, CA  95814

          FAX:  916-319-2009

Johnnie P. Carlson, II

Executive Assistant

Californians Against Waste

(916) 443-5422 voice

(916) 443-3912 fax

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