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[greenyes] Polycarbonate
I¹m not sure what  you mean by ³what is this?², but polycarbonate does
leach, and it leaches a toxic substance called Bisphenol-A.  Women who are
pregnant or want to be should especially avoid this as it causes birth
defects.  See greenyes archives for more information, I posted some links
and articles a few weeks ago.

Amy Perlmutter
Perlmutter Associates
23 Avon Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

> Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 16:40:21 -0500
> To: greenyes@no.address
> From: TomT <TomT@no.address>
> Subject: Polycarbonate question
> Message-ID: <973D66D15142E94DA394228ECCF73107533FFF@no.address>
> Gentlepeople,
>     I received a catalog for water purifying equipment.  Mostly
> Distillers.
>         In there was an item - Polycarbonate Storage Bottles.  Next
> to it says 'Non-Leaching'
>     What is this?  Any ideas?  They came in volumes of 1 Liter up to 3
> Gallons.
>         Thanks!
> Tommy

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