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RE: [greenyes] Paper Towels, Cloth, or Electric Dryers
Alameda County's StopWaste website (
has a lot of useful resources on it. 
If you look under Business Assitance - StopWa$te Partnership
Then click on Best Practices, then Best Practices Database
you'll find some good information on waste prevention techniques,
including electric dryers versus folded and roll paper towels.

-Maia Coladonato

SAIC - Science Applications International Corporation

(contractor for the StopWa$te Partnership)

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From: Charlene Lemoine [mailto:clemoine@no.address
<mailto:clemoine@no.address> ]
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2003 2:23 PM

Does anyone have data regarding the use of recycled content paper towels,
reusable cloth towels or electric dryers in public restrooms?

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