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[greenyes] We can recycle again!
Thanks to a lot of phone calls, letters, and e-mails - we have officially received word that we can return our recycling bins to our local post offices - with only a 12 hour lapse in service.  Thanks to all who made calls!

The order to reverse the local mandate came from the Colorado/Wyoming USPS District Manager Ellis Burgoyne.

We are certainly a very small blip in the big picture, but if any postmaster is claiming that the USPS has a "no recycling policy" and there is indeed such a policy, some organized action may be called for.

Please contact us directly if anyone wants more details or post to the list if anyone finds such a policy.

Carly Wier
Executive Director
Summit Recycling Project
PO Box 4506
Frisco, CO  80443
(970) 668-5703 - phone
(970) 668-2613 - fax

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