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Re: [greenyes] Recycling evicted from Post Offices
I think this calls for a national call-in program like with Disney, definitely. This is absurd.

At 10:03 AM -0600 8/21/03, Summit Recycling wrote:
As we understand it from conversations with the district manager, this is a
nation-wide policy.  And, no, they are not removing the trash cans, because
apparently when someone throws junk mail in the trash (instead of recycling
it) they don't have the same inclination to not buy from the catalogues.

The impetus to put the bins in the post offices came from employees that
noticed that 99% of the material in the trash cans was recyclable paper.

One result we are certain of is that, at a minimum, the post offices will
have to triple their number trash cans or frequency of trash service - our
recycling bins are three to one for trash cans.

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 Should we understand that this is a nation-wide policy?  Are they also
 removing the trash cans from the P.O.s?


Lisa K. Heller

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