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New to cyber space is the re-launched, the new
website of the Zero Waste New Zealand Trust.

The new site takes users on a fascinating Zero Waste journey, explaining
the philosophy in clear terms and giving individuals simple hints on how to
reduce waste. Take a look at what is happening around New Zealand and
gain insight into how a multi-sectoral approach to waste reduction and
resource recovery will help us achieve Zero Waste in New Zealand.

New sections focus on hot issues in NZ, the Zero Waste Academy (recently
launched ZW training institution) and an extensive section on how WE can
help YOU.

Check it out - the most comprehensive website in existence about Zero

Lucy White

Zero Waste New Zealand Trust

Have you seen our new website?

Ph: (09) 486 0738
Fax: (09) 489 3232
PO Box 33 1695
New Zealand

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