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Re: [greenyes] Thanks to Bill Sheehan
Dear GRRN Supporters and GreenYes Colleagues,

Gary and Helen expressed what hundreds of people must be feeling upon 
learning of Bill Sheehan's decision to step down from the leadership of GRRN.  For 
many thousands of people, Bill Sheehan became the tireless leader who held 
things together over many years -- as a co-founder, chairman of the GRRN Steering 
Committee, the first staff person and finally as executive director.

GRRN's strength as been networking, and an active board of directors played a 
critical role for many years, but without someone like Bill the organization 
would have been hard-pressed to sustain itself in the first several years.

It's good to hear that Bill has some interesting new plans in the works, 
which may allow him more time for policy rsearch.

I join Helen in expressing the hope that GRRN's Board of Directors finds an 
appropriate way to honor Bill Sheehan's hard work, energy and commitment to the 
organization's vision.

Lance King

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