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Re: [greenyes] Thanks to Bill Sheehan
Thanks, Gary, for saying what has been on all of our minds since GRRN's offhanded mention that Bill was no longer its E.D.

Bill has indeed been the gluten that allowed the GRRN dough to rise so high.

I hope the GRRN Board is going to buy him a nice gold watch.


At 11:42 AM 08/18/2003 -0700, Gary Liss wrote:
Thank you for all your leadership, vision and hard work since the inception of GRRN. From Coke and Pepsi to Zero Waste, you led the way for GRRN's tremendous success. It is no coincidence that Waste News recognized you as one the key newsmakers for the leadership you provided to the entire industry.

Thanks for all you did and best of luck with your new venture!


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