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RE: [greenyes] Fwd: Plastic Bags for Recyclables Collection
The bottom line is actually much more complicated that what is suggested. In
a local program in my county, the plastic bags result in significantly less
broken glass and hence more recycling of it for use in the glass container
industry, rather than for "lower" uses. The glass is cushion by the plastic
bottles and metal cans, a cushioning not provide if bins are used to store
the material.

The community finds other significant advantages, including reduced litter,
increased collection efficiency (residents put out the bags less frequently
and with more material than in those communities with bins, plus, the time
required to collect a bag is less than that of a bin), less physical wear
and tear on both workers and equipment, and, as a college town, avoidance of
the loss of containers by students who might use them as packing crates.

So, it is a decision with multiple ramifications. 

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, Wisconsin 

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> Bottomline--plastic bags add more waste to the
> landfills...the goal is to recycle, correct, and
> plastic trash bags cannot be recycled.
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