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[greenyes] Biodiesel
Contact the biodiesel board at, it¹s the trade association
of the biodiesel industry.   They should know where and how it is being

> Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 10:25:01 -0700
> To: CRRA@no.address,greenyes@no.address
> From: Ann Schneider <schneiderann@no.address>
> Subject: Fw: Proposed Regulations on reducing diesel in Govt vehicles
> Message-ID: <20030805.112821.-374863.5.SchneiderAnn@no.address>
> Bill Michel is a Sierra Club activist from the Silicon Valley area and is
> trying to find any documentation about the inclusion... or not, of
> bio-diesel in public or private garbage trucks.
> Our local chapter of the Sierra Club has included the goal of trying to
> get local governments to use clean fuel in all their fleet vehicles
> including garbage and recycling vehicles.
> Please send any information directly to Bill as I will be a flightly
> email user till my home construction is completed in mid late September.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Ann Schneider
> Sierra Club and CRRA
> SchneiderAnn@no.address
> Mountain View, CA

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