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Re: [greenyes] Recycling efficiency & GHG savings
The August 2003 edition of Resource Recycling magazine will have a Recycling
in Cyberspace column that is devoted to Web accessible information resources
on the relationship between solid waste management practices and climate
change impacts.  A list of these Web sites will be posted to the Resource
Recycling Web site at:

Two good starting points would be:

Roger M. Guttentag

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From: Andy Telfer <cwma@no.address>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2003 5:02 PM
Subject: [greenyes] Recycling efficiency & GHG savings

> Dear all,
> I'm looking for some statistics on the energy-efficiency of recycling vs
> new (virgin) production, specifically for wood, plastic, concrete and
> metal. Similar information on Greenhouse gas emissions (or emissions saved
> by recycling) would be great. Thanks.
> Andy Telfer
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> CWMA: Networking solutions for waste and the environment.

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