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[greenyes] System for Curbside Composting
I hear Rich Gertman's article and follow on explanation for the expanded
recycling program he developed for Portola Valley.

As Rich mentions, whenever you're trying to do something innovative for a
small community, you're subject to whatever infrastructure is already
around, because no one is likely to make major investments for a small

When we look to the broader future going forward for a wider audience and
without those constraints that Portola Valley faced, I share Eric's concerns
that the composting that is going on bears too close a ressemblance to mixed
waste processing, and until I see if for myself, I find it exceedingly
difficult to conceive of it producing a reliable compost quality material
that can be marketed.

As I've mentioned in prior postings, pending careful pilot demonstrations
for validation, I tend to think that the most effective and economical
approach would divide the baby differently.

Remembering that most of the organic fraction in our waste stream is paper,
and only a third of that, food scraps, the total compostables are more than
60% of what's trashed in America (tho not CA), which, were it composted and
combined with the recyclable diversion would exceed 75% of waste generation,
we could have a weekly split truck for recyclables and compostables, leaving
the inert residues for monthly collection. That would save 3 out of 4 trash
hauls and internalize an incentive for folks to properly separate all of
their organics from the trash to avoid having it hang around for a month.

Admittedly I don't have the hard numbers and demonstration of feasibility
yet, but that's where I suspect the optimal future lies.

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