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[greenyes] Reference to Guelph Ont. in a recent post
Mr. Richard Gertman
Environmental Planning Consultants;
Re Portola Valley

In your discussion regarding the Portola Valley program you mention Guelph Ontario.
For you information Guelph recently moved to a three sort system.
The minimin required for any economically viable waste management system.
And no big deal for residents
No one purchases a T.V., banana and soda pop together.
Their are purchased separately 
Consumed separately
And need only be disacrded into separate container
Simply via redirection of motion.
Unfortunately in the past we allowed everything to be stuffed into a garbage bag 
Hauled to the curb
and forgotten
We see now this makes no sense
Or in todays palance
is unsustainable 
Rod Muir
Waste Diversion Toronto

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