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[greenyes] Compost Manual Request
Hi everyone,

Does your group have any composting manuals? Please share them with us! GAIA
wants to expand its library so that members and colleagues across the world
can enjoy more resources. I am trying to create a collection of simple and
useful composting manuals, specifically focusing on the Global South. The
manuals can be in any language - more than one if possible!

If you would like to recommend something, please email it to me
electronically if this is possible, or let me know how I can try and find it
myself.  Please respond to me directly at julia@no.address  Thank you in
advance for
your help.  It is greatly appreciated!

Hopefully, this will significantly expand GAIA's library so that we can all
enjoy a broader range of ideas and learn from other people's experiences.
Thanks again.


Julia Varshavsky, GAIA
(510)524-4000 ext.111
1442 A.Walnut St.,#20
Berkeley,CA 94709,USA

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