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RE: [greenyes] liquidated damages in recycling contracts

My municipal contract has about 2 pages of language related to circumstances
which would require the payment of liquidated damages, including if misses
of residential pickups exceed more than 3 per day and thirty per month.
Excedences cost them $25 per instance.  In contract negotiations I  did
proffer that I'd use this hammer only if need be, when other less dramatic
efforts didn't get their attention.  In the first 18 months of this contract
I have never had to even reference this language.

I'm especially happy with the way our contract is working, by the way, as my
previous contract had no such damages, and we were completely at the
contractor's mercy.  

If you'd like, I could fax you those pages, and it would save substantial

Anne Morse
Winona, MN

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Subject: [greenyes] liquidated damages in recycling contracts

Here are some questions for anybody out there who is on either end of a 
municipal recycling contract:  does your contract include liquidated 
damages for missed recycling collection?  If so, at what point do these 
damages kick in?  In other words, are damages paid if X number of accounts 
are missed, or if Y percent of accounts are missed?  What are the X and/or 
Y in your contract?  Are missed accounts counted per day, per week, per 
some other period?

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

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