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Re: [greenyes] Leaving GRRN
Thank you for your top-notch work, Chris, and best wishes for your next steps.


At 04:20 PM 06/30/2003 -0400, Chris Sparnicht wrote:
Dear GreenYes,

July will be the last month I work full time
with GRRN. I will continue half-time after
that until end of September mostly in a web
maintenance and design capacity. From there,
I might help GRRN on a consultancy basis.

I have really enjoyed being part of this organization
and am looking forward to broadening my horizons
in the field of web maintenance and design.

If anyone would like to contact me outside of
GRRN's purview, I may be reached at chris@no.address
or visit my website:

Thanks for letting me be part of your world
for the last five years!

Best regards,




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