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[greenyes] Resin

Without knowing all of the particulars, I would take a guess that the
class 3 designation pertains to 49 CFR.  And if so it tells me that this
material is regulated in 49 CFR 172.101 - hazardous material table.

Class 3 materials are regulated as flammable material, therefore it
would be a hazardous material.

Todd Coy
Kinsbursky Brothers, Inc.

Sharon_Gates@no.address wrote:

> I have been asked twice in recent days if resin (the stuff you make
> fiberglass with) is a hazardous material.  One caller read me the
> label on
> the tub, which, among other things, said it was a "Class 3" material.
> I
> don't know what this means, nor did but I didn't understand most of
> the
> rest of what the caller read me.  Anybody familiar with this stuff?
> Sharon Gates
> Recycling Specialist
> City of Long Beach, California
> 562/570-4694

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