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[greenyes] FW: The greening of Potter
Thought you folks would enjoy this.


>Fri Jun 20, 3:52 PM ET
>VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 19, 2003 (ENS) - Fans of the Harry
>Potter books probably do not associate the little   wizard with
>rainforests or recycling, but that will change for at least 935,000
>readers of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."  The Canadian
>edition of the eagerly anticipated book--all 935,000 copies--has been
>printed by Canadian publisher Raincoast Books on 100 percent recycled,
>endangered forest free paper, a move that many believe represents a
>landmark event for environmentally friendly publishing.
>  "By printing the latest Harry Potter book on 100 percent recycled
>paper, Raincoast has set the stage for a complete transformation of
>the publishing industry," said Lafcadio Cortesi, director of the Boreal
>Campaign at ForestEthics. "Readers everywhere appreciate that the magic
>is not just what is written on the pages, it is the very pages
>  And the author of the largest selling fiction book in history has
>penned her own heartfelt endorsement of Raincoast's decision to publish
>Potter's latest adventure on ancient forest friendly paper.
>  "The forest at Hogwarts is home to magical creatures like unicorns and
>centaurs," Rowling writes in an endorsement that appears prominently in
>the Canadian edition.
>  "Because the Canadian editions are printed on Ancient-Forest Friendly
>paper, the Harry Potter books are helping to save magnificent forests in
>the muggle world, forests that are home of magical animals such as
>Orangutans, Wolves and Bears," Rowling wrote. "It is a good idea to
>respect ancient trees, especially if they have a temper like the
>Whomping Willow."
>  According to research done by Markets Initiative--a coalition project
>of three environmental organizations, Friends of Clayoquot Sound,
>Greenpeace Canada and the British Columbia Chapter of Sierra Club of
>Canada--the 935,000 books printed by Raincoast Books will save almost
>30,000 trees in forests such as the Boreal forest of Canada, as well as
>in Canada's rainforests and throughout the Rockies region.
>In addition, it will conserve 20,248 BTUs of electricity--195 years of
>electricity to power the average American home--and 2,679,548 pounds of
>greenhouse gases, which equals 2.4 million miles traveled by car with
>average fuel efficiency.
>  The paper used in the books printed by Raincoast was produced by San
>Francisco-based New Leaf Paper.  The greening of Potter is part of a
>broader effort by publishers and writers in Canada and the U.S., led by
>Markets Initiative, to increase the use of environmentally friendly
>papers in their books.
>  Thus far, 35 Canadian and 20 U.S. publishers have made formal
>commitments to use recycled and other environmentally preferable papers,
>and millions of forest-friendly books have been printed on such paper in
>Canada during the past 18 months.
>  "We look forward to seeing publishers in other countries follow the
>lead of their Canadian colleagues in helping to safeguard biodiversity
>and the world's remaining ancient forests," said Markets Initiative's
>Campaigns Director Nicole Rycroft.
>  In addition, Green Press Initiative is pressuring U.S. publishers,
>including the U.S. publisher of the Potter books, Scholastic, to secure
>endangered-forest free commitments.

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