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[greenyes] Charitable Recycling of used cell phones has proved lucrative for charities

Charitable Recycling, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan has an innovative program whereby fundraisers and charities can send in their used cell phones in exchange for a donation back to them.  This keeps the used cell phones out of the landfills where they are toxic to the earth, and helps many fundraising endeavors.  

There are no administrative costs, no time limits, and no contracts.  All phones are accepted irregardless of age or condition or workability. They are accepted individually or by the pallet.

Phones that can be recycled will be.  Those that cannot will be disposed of properly.

In the U.S. email Jonnie Sullivan at jsullivan@no.address or call 248.661.1815.   In Canada email Wendy Weis at wweis@no.address or call 905.830.9607.  Please visit their website at

Jonnie Sullivan
Marketing Manager

Charitable Recycling
794 Industrial Court
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

"where used cell phones go"

May the footprints we leave behind show that we have worked in kindness toward the Earth. 

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