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[greenyes] Recycling Standards for Wal-Mart

I am in the process of developing a shareholder
proposal addressing Wal-Mart?s supplier packaging
standards (or lack thereof). I am looking for advise
on what standards to request, and to generate support
from organizations that could help us publicize the
initiative. Specifically we need to find Wal-Mart
stockholders to both help us co-sponsor the proposal,
and to vote yes for it if/when it comes up for a vote.

Our draft proposal includes the following language for

Plastic Packaging
Phase out of all plastic packaging except for Number 1
(PET) and Number 2 (PETE) by 2008;
Accelerated phase out of Number 3 (vinyl chloride) and
Number 6 (Styrofoam) by 2006.?

We will also address paper recycling in the proposal,
and I can send information on that to anyone who is

Any recommendations regarding the standards or other
forms of support for the initiative will be much
appreciated. We will need as much grassroots support
as we can get.

Thank you, Radha

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