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[greenyes] CRRA Newsletter Advertising

The CRRA -California Resource Recovery Association's July/Conference 
Newsletter has special advertising opportunities.

This one issue will be mailed and distributed to the entire CRRA conference 
mailing list and to all conference attendees.  This is a total distribution of 
nearly 10,000 copies.  Advertising space is still available, but limited.  
Please contact Judi Gregory at 626-339-9555 or judigregry@no.address if you would 
like to advertise.  

Deadline 6/20/03

CRRA Annual Conference, 
Ontario California
July 20-23, 2003 for more details.

Judi Gregory
2694 E. Garvey Ave S PMB322
West Covina, CA 91791
ph: 626-339-9555
fax: 626-974-9112

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