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[greenyes] Listening Study: Using Recycled Paper In Copiers and Printers
I'm happy to announce that the first report from Conservatree's Listening
Study is now online! This one, researched with the invaluable help of the
Recycled Paper Coalition, explores issues of using recycled paper in
copiers, printers and other office machines. Go to and choose the page for Recycled Content

Many of you participated in this study, which we greatly appreciate. You may
find that there are more points that should be brought out. if so, please
let me know.

We took the list of problems described in your e-mails to copier equipment
manufacturers, recycled paper manufacturers, and office equipment service
technicians for their responses, which we found fascinating. The copier
equipment manufacturers all said there are no warranty issues in using
recycled paper in their machines. The recycled copier/office paper
manufacturers had very enlightening comments about the causes for many of
the problems people report. The copier service technicians gave a range of
approaches, from embracing recycled paper to totally rejecting it. We would
like to interview more service companies to explore their experience
further. Please let me know if you can recommend some to talk to.

The purpose of the Listening Study is to lay out the range of perspectives
and information on contentious issues within environmental paper
development, in order to facilitate dialogues and processes for eventual
resolution. We will be coming out with more reports soon, and will update
each of them (including this one) as we get more information. We see this as
an ongoing discussion and welcome your participation.


Susan Kinsella

Susan Kinsella
Executive Director
100 Second Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone - 415/721-4230
Fax - 509/756-6987
E-mail - paper@no.address
Websites -,

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