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[greenyes] E-trashing of China getting lots of publicity
(this is a message from one of our key European allies who works with Clean Production Action, Iza Kruszewska. She recently attended a workshop organised by SEEBA/Centre for Sustainable Design in Surrey, England and submitted this report )

Ted smith

I've been participating in a couple of workshops on supply chain management of electronics (vis a vis WEEE and RoHS) here in the UK, the latest one yesterday.

The SVTC/BAN video is ALWAYS mentioned - at least once.

Yesterday, we were shown overheads featuring NGO campaigns targeting the electronics industry, featuring:
- Quotes from SVTC e.g. "There are few other products for which the sum of the env impacts of raw material extraction, industrial refining and production, use and disposal is so extensive"
- The Electronics Sector: are we heroes or villains? Michael Dell: Industry Leader or Toxic Dude?
- Scaremongering? What's the hazard in a computer? Lead, Cd and Hg can cause brain and kidney damage etc.
- Perhaps Not! This features a picture from the hi-tech trashing of China video (a girl breaking up TV monitor) with the caption: And even if YOU get it right.....your supply chain might not!
- cartoon picture of Asian kids: "The high tech industry enjoys relative to other industries, an image of being clean and green" that still so?

Great work!

Iza Kruszewska
Clean Production Action/ANPED
PO Box 12201
London SW17 9ZL
United Kingdom
Tel/Fax:+44 20 8672 3454
E-mail: izak@no.address

For more information on the Computer TakeBack Campaign, please visit

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