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Re: [greenyes] design solutions - multi-unit dwellings
This issue came up in Long Beach last year, when our Planning & Building 
Dept. included approval of a solid waste and recycling plan in the 
conditions of approval for the residential component of a large mixed-use 
development project.  The proposed plan involved sizing the trash 
collection areas on each floor so there was also room for recycling 
collection.  If memory serves, the intention was for janitors to transport 
materials to the basement where the big bins would be located.  The sizing 
of the "trash rooms" was hardly revolutionary, but at least it made it 
possible for residents to recycle with a modicum of convenience.  I guess 
it was better than the usual designs, which serve (probably 
unintentionally) to prevent recycling.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

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